LinkedIn has increased popularity these days, propelling its way to the top queue of business focused social media platforms, leaving it’s users with the question ‘When the best time to post on LinkedIn is.’

In this post, I’ll explain the best time to post on LinkedIn is according to its algorithm.

LinkedIn, the go to B2B social media platform.

Like many entrepreneurs, I delved into the LinkedIn bandwagon to start networking, interacting and gain free exposure for Icon Studios. While at it, I noticed some posts publicized right away, while others did not.

Both contained the same quality content. There had to be a reason why one did pick up and the other didn’t.

The LinkedIn algorithm.

There are many tips and tricks to gain the most exposure out of social media, post timing is a crucial one.

LinkedIn just like other social media platforms, has very comprehensive algorithms that present only selected posts.

The algorithm searches for relevant valuable content.

It determines what’s valuable by evaluating how users interact with your posts.

You will gain more interactions through posting when users are most active on LinkedIn. Thus informing LinkedIn to grant it more attention.

When not to post on LinkedIn

By reading the above, you might have assessed that the prime time to post on LinkedIn is while users are most active.

To perceive when that is; we’ll start with the basics.

LinkedIn is a ‘business focused’ social media platform. It’s users work throughout the day thus creating that LinkedIn isn’t active during business hours.

As a result, you wouldn’t want to post on LinkedIn during business hours, since users are not active.

In addition, ultimate posting would be early morning prior the start of a new work day. Consequently, you’ll be avoiding late night posts and prompting max viewing by consumers.

When is the best time to post on LinkedIn

The best time to post on LinkedIn is Tuesday thru Thursday, before working hours at 7-9am, lunch time at 12pm and right after working hours at 5-6pm.


LinkedIn, strives to give quality content to its users.

Posts are determined worthy, through observing the users engagement rates.

Posting at the precise time, will trigger plenty engagement. Hence informing LinkedIn’s algorithm that your post is valuable. Then stimulating it to provide more coverage for your post which will generate additional engagement… while the virtual loop keeps on repeating itself.

When do you tend to post on LinkedIn?

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