The first answer you get would be January first 20XX but, is this really the best time to rebrand a business?

In this post I’ll review the myth of rebranding and re-positioning a business at new year, is it true or false and why it is or isn’t.

Myth: The best time to rebrand a business is on new year.

While the idea that new year is the best time to rebrand might sound valid it isn’t, mainly because everyone will recommend rebranding on new year. Let me explain.

Fact: Thousands of business’ already do this, distracting your much needed attention.

When it comes to rebranding an existing business, one of the key results business owners look out for is of course publicity.

With this much needed (free) publicity they will get people to talk about their business, new products, added services, new business process etc.

While new year business resolutions are great, it’s harder to get noticed by the public.

When you rebrand you want to be the talk of the town.

The best time to rebrand your business is not at new year when you have the greatest chance to get lost with all other new year noise.

Don’t do the same old mistake that others do, do it differently.

So, When would be the best time to rebrand?

Great question, the answer is: Anytime.

We at Icon Studios did it on the first of February, the reason being that a) we were ready and b) wanted to rebrand at the beginning of the year but not on new year.

Some industries that have hot seasons might do it right before – but not too close to the season while others might just do it at any given time.


The key takeaways here are:

  1. Whatever you do, don’t just do it because everyone does it – think before you do it.
  2. The mere fact that others do so is never a reason to copy them without thinking.
  3. You always want to make sure to plan your marketing strategies in a way that generate the maximum from your minimum investment.

When do you think is the best time to rebrand and reposition a business?

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