From carrying “Rebranding your brand” as our brand tagline we took the next step and totally rebranded Icon Studios.

And guess what, Rebranding your brand is no longer our tagline…

In this post I’ll introduce you to our new blog, why we rebranded and how you can take this for an inspiration in your business.

Business: The good, the bad and the great

In business you can always innovate. The question is, what do you innovate?

  • The good innovates a new feature in a product or service
  • Another version of The good innovates a whole new product
  • The bad innovate a new way to make coffee at lunch break
  • The great one innovates in the way they do business

We dropped the good to grab the great

Icon Studios started out as a graphic design and marketing firm providing marketing material for business’ ranging from logo design, print ad design to informational and even ecommerce websites.

When we started getting more involved in web design & development projects we noticed that there is a big misconception in the web design industry.

People will call themselves web designers while not knowing how to read a single line of code, leading web design projects to fail.

We grabbed the opportunity and started focusing designing and developing custom websites by experts in design and development.

Think this was the end? Think again.

When we started getting more involved in custom web app development projects we noticed an even bigger problem.

When it comes to custom software you either get a designer who knows nothing about code or a developer that has everything look like an Excel sheet.

This was more than enough.

We decided to revolutionize the tech industry

As a business that started out in the marketing and design industry, having many successful design projects on our back and with our experience in tech, providing custom web based software solutions for our clients we knew what the market was looking for.

A custom Web App development agency with top UX designers and developers

And, you guessed right – that’s what we did.

The Iconic business blog

We didn’t just end at re-positioning ourselves, we decided to start a powerful blog with quality content for business minded people just like you.

This blog will serve as a vehicle for success for both of us, inspiring entrepreneurs on their success journey, providing business tips & advice and last but not least help you stay up to date with the latest and greatest market news and trends.


Never ever think your business does great the way it is, even if that’s true.

The moment you think that way will be the moment it turns from true to false.

Whatever you do as an entrepreneur don’t just do it the right way, Innovate the way you do it. Go from good to great.

Are you ready to innovate?


June 1, 2023

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February 6, 2019

Exciting Stuff! we have seen what you guys do in web development, cant wait to see whats coming now.

    February 6, 2019

    Yeah Mike, I’ts always good to work with clients like you…


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