While web apps are exceedingly popular these days, regular business owners are still pondering What is a web app…?

In this post, I’ll define and clarify Web Apps. It’s pros and cons, yet foremost how it differs from old school software, regular websites, mobile apps, and web apps.

What is a web app?

In short: A web app is software that you access through your browser without having to install it on your device.

The world of tech is moving rapidly and there is constant development and growth.

While computers were first available to the public in the 1970’s. Modern internet was only introduced to the public in the 1990’s and now it is one of the most dependent articles for the human race…

Just a while ago; software was a program that required downloading in order to obtain usage. Accredited to Web apps, it can currently be derived momentarily, downloading unnecessary.

The difference between old school software, regular websites, mobile apps and web apps:

As mentioned above, old traditional software can only be accessed through downloading on your device causing computer jamming.

Same as traditional software, mobile apps must be downloaded. The only difference being, it operates on your phone.

Changes came about when internet was invented and thus introduced the concept of using cloud based software.

This is how Web Apps joined the club.

Web Apps took the concept of online software (a website), and converted it into an exclusive cloud based software solution.

Web apps pros & cons

Let’s analyze the pros and cons:

Web App pros:

  • Downloading unnecessary.
  • Accessible from any device.
  • Accessible worldwide.
  • Never loose data. You’re info is always retrievable – since it’s all on the web!
  • Won’t slow down your device, as the core software runs on the web.

A Web App is the modern way of using software. Access it from anywhere, anytime, quick.

Web app cons:

  • Internet required to access Web Apps.
  • Poor internet connection may increase loading time.


Web Apps are a great way of utilizing the power of software and tech.

At the current rate, it seems like cloud based software, known as Web Apps will dominate the technological industry shortly.

If you’re thinking of investing in a software, consider cloud based software. The pros outweigh the cons.

Do you think Web Apps will take over the software industry?

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